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Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms

Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms
A San Pedro cactus. (Screenshot: YouTube)

The user of YouTube David de los Santos Gil recently published a time-lapse video showing how various flowers bloom.

The video required about 40 thousand photographs and includes common plants like lily and exotic as the tigridia or tiger flower, which do not last more than a day.

This is not the first time that Santos, who stands on YouTube for its videos about nature and animals, collects the complex movements of the flowers once they decide it’s time to reproduce. An earlier compilation, published almost a year ago, was well received with 65K reproductions.

The complete list of flowers, in order of appearance, is: hyacinth, hibiscus, narcissus, alstroemeria, daisies, pink, cactus San Pedro (Trichocereus), iris, pending the queen, almond blossom, amaryllis, tooth lion, gladioli, nigella damask, tigridia, lillium and tulips.

Santos’s More work of how do you buy views on youtube can be found on its website www.qqtube.com.

Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

The last 84 Academy Awards, was one of those that kept many outstanding Mexican ceremony. These things happen when some of us manage to appear in the celebration of the most popular film worldwide. On this occasion, our hopes were placed in Demian Bichir, nominated for best actor for his work in “A Better Life” (A Better Life, C. Witz, 2011, watch this movie on http://Project-free-tv.to) and Emmanuel Lubezky nominated for Best Cinematography for “The Tree of Life “(T. Malick, 2011, watch online free on www.movie25.io). The media in general fed our hopes, Demian Bichir and mainly, captured notes and interviews. The commotion even had the positive effect that in some theaters besides the Cineteca Nacional restrenada the film was, for the public – now curious and interestedly could see it. The phenomenon is not strange, we have seen on many occasions as entertainment journalism artificially promote certain issues considered “interesting” and not always as fortunate as in this case, where the nominations seem to respond to achieving a good job both in the business of acting as in photography, and therefore seemed beyond expectations sown, we had good chances. However, as at other times, we were on the line, no way, the way things are. It is noteworthy that at least this time we are left with a very good taste, especially in the case of Demian Bichir, whose picture to picture while presenting Natalie Portman, went around the world showing him smiling, proud, satisfied. The outstanding speech Portman is the best performances in this category, the longest and also the most emotional to speak of undocumented Mexicans – not illegal, thanks Natalie – and surely thousands of compatriots on that side border must have seemed even vindictive. As if that were not enough, “A Better Life” is by no means a trivial film. A legitimate aspiration, cause of many of the most painful circumstances being experienced by Mexicans on both sides of the border, is the raw material of this story. Who among us has not narrowed eyes and thought about how I could achieve a better future for his family, for loved ones, for friends, for all our country? I never put a title better to tell a story like this. Evocative and endearing, the movie is worth seeing for itself, independent of the nomination for Bichir.

But speaking of Bichir, it is also important to say that this is one of the most outstanding performances of his career. Expression and emotion as never before had seen him, besides the experience, make by far the work which can always be proud. Crying scene, is particularly outstanding and is not for nothing that choose to present on the big night of awards Oscar.Pero opposed to this remarkable moment, also delivered as every year, the awards for the worst Film, Razzies famous in its 2012 edition (which will be delivered next April 1). And here another movie where a Mexican participates was nominated and actually swept the nominations, it is “Jack and Jill” (D. Dougan, 2011) that won six Razzie nominations, including worst film of the year.

Derbez has a modest share, that here also the media announced as its glorious debut in Hollywood films and earned enough expectation as to bring people to theaters and generate income millionaires at the box office. Interestingly, the role of Derbez is also a gardener, but in another tenor, so different and unworthy that was even offensive to many Mexicans on both sides of the border.

A performance much like what we’ve seen on television, is what comedian threw hand for her performance in the film. And maybe make you laugh here, but in another context ended up being offensive and vulgar.

The only thing perhaps that deserves them satisfaction to the producers of this film is profit at the box office, and in this case, the comparison between the two films seem totally unfair, “A Better Life” grossed in its weekend debut 62,000 dlls USA and he accumulated total during its exhibition in the United States 1 million 759,000 dlls USA; while “Jack and Jill” he grossed in its weekend debut $ 25,000 dlls USA and accumulated a total of $ 74 million dlls USA during its exhibition in the American Union, according consulted figures imdb.Que quality and box office success almost never match, it is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated many times and not worth delving into this debate at the moment. Provide a framework to indicate how different can be the incursions of Mexicans in the Hollywood industry, considered the most influential in the world. It is also curious that in both cases we have a portrait of migration so different, in some cases brought to the screen with dignity and otherwise the opposite, being much more profitable – and this is the sad fact of the matter a bad movie .

But it is better left with the luminous and dignified part: the discourse of Portman’s smile Bichir to picture in your gala night, the revival of the tape and interest in her. That and make a decent portrait of ourselves, our families and our tragedies, thank you very much Demian Bichir, and of course, thank you very much to the Academy of Arts in Hollywood for having all that into account in this 84 delivery Oscars to best of American industry.


Water disinfection and reuse in greenhouse horticulture

Production in greenhouse horticulture in Europe is still not as efficient in the use of water as it could be. Growth systems without soil (hydroponics) are becoming common in horticulture from most European countries, although no large scale in all countries. The advantages of soil -less growing systems compared to crops grown in soil are:

· The growth and harvesting are independent of the type of soil in the area of ​​culture;

· Better control of growth by use of improved water pitcher filter quality and a better fertilization;

· Increased product quality;

· Start free of pathogens by using different substrates on the ground and / or easier soil pathogen control.

The disadvantages of these systems are:

· The high quality of water required;

· High investment and high costs of fertilizers;

· Low amount of water.

In most cases open or run the water systems are adopted. In such open systems, the nutrient solution is left freely lava ground and surface waters. For economic reasons and environmental concerns can be applied soilless closed systems. These closed systems are more efficient with the use of water and fertilizers, and cause less damage to the environment. The disadvantage of closed systems is the risk of a rapid spread of soil-borne pathogens due to the recirculation of the nutrient solution. To eliminate these pathogens, they can be used various methods of disinfection.

Ozone Treatment

Treatment with ozone can be used to disinfect the drain water [2] . Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant is known and its function is the destruction of bacteria, viruses and odors. A contribution of 10 grams of ozone per hour and cubic meter of water is enough to kill all pathogens.

UV disinfection

Another way to disinfect water drainage is to use UV radiation [2] . The ultra (or UV) radiation violet is a proven process for disinfecting water, air and solid surfaces microbiologically contaminated. To remove bacteria and fungi an energy dose of 100 mJ / cm is recommended 2 . For viruses a dose of 250 mJ / cm is recommended 2 .

Heat treatment

When a treatment is applied by heating, a solution is heated for 30 seconds at 95C. At this temperature all pathogens are killed [7] . A disadvantage of heat treatment is gas consumption. Also the drain warm water contains less oxygen.

Slow sand filtration
For a few years commercial farmers have been using facilities slow filtration through sand to remove pathogens. [4] [5] [6]

Sand filtration is frequently used as a very effective way to remove suspended solids in water method. The filter medium consists of a series of layers of sand with a variety of grain sizes and specific gravity. Sand filters are available in different sizes and both manual and fully automatic operation materials.


Tips for pregnant women – How to plant a garden at home without health risks

Planting a home garden can become a disadvantage due to contamination of food if some basic points are not respected.

Having a home garden is a hobby that has won many adherents in recent years, not only among people owning a small field, but also in limited areas such as terraces and balconies. More for entertainment than necessity, although it may help save on shopping, have a garden at home has become a hobby with benefits if done properly to avoid food contamination.




Use time on a task that it will benefit or see grow their own vegetables are some of the attractions of this activity involving children and adults. However, one of the aspects that motivated to enter the world of horticulture is to get fresh, tasty and natural products that no one else has stepped in and free themselves of large farms chemicals. The goal is to get home vegetables and vegetables and therefore healthier. However, this statement so logical a priori, may become contrary if not taken into account factors that make a healthy garden into a source of food contamination.

Physical or chemical contaminants arising from the nature of the soil or misapplication of horticultural products, or other biological as fungi and microorganisms, whose development is more favorable in plants and damaged fruit can become a vegetable or homemade vegetable in a way of food poisoning.


The main factors to plan and develop a home garden are:

  • The floor . Often be filled construction and therefore may contain substances not recommended. Also remains of detergents, industrial oils or previous pesticide treatments can contaminate it . If the garden is extensive, it is imperative that a professional conduct an analysis to dictate their suitability as growing media, as well as indicating how to improve it if necessary. For a soil is considered suitable for cultivation should be deep, airy, well drained, but able to retain water, rich in organic matter and minerals, non – saline and neutral pH nutrients. If far away from this model, it is preferable to use special filling substrate for horticulture and perform, if you work in small areas, raised beds on the ground.

    These banks cultivation can be delimited by stone blocks, wooden fences, or sleepers. In the latter case ecological preferable because they have not received tarred treatments. In addition, it is essential that the soil is not infected by fungi, bacteria, insects or nematodes, a common occurrence in cultivated soil, which must be disinfected regularly using suitable chemicals for non-professional horticulture or alternative procedures, such as ecological solarization process, in which the free culture surface is covered with transparent sheets and thin plastic.

  • Location . A good choice of location for the garden, well ventilated and sunny most of the day, be planted is essential not only to enhance the performance of work, but to ensure a healthy and free harvest rot. Excessive humidity and lack of ventilation favor the development of molds and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Some fruits, like zucchini or melons, need fat in contact with the soil, hence the need to pave the way in this area to prevent accumulation of water irrigation and even put them on a bed of straw or twigs.
  • Utensils and tools . They should be kept clean and in good condition. Before saving, will have to withdraw land carefully and dry them. Cutting tools should be maintained sharp to avoid inaccurate cuts and tears that generate problems in plant tissues.
  • Seeds and seedlings . When varieties of plants to be cultivated are chosen, you must learn before their requirements, especially in terms of need for water and sun. The choice must be adapted to the availability of each. Purchase seeds and seedlings in expert centers ensure product quality.
  • Irrigation water . It is convenient to use the network of drinking water , as it will ensure their good health status. If this is not possible, many orchards have a water tank or water collection tank. The risk is that the water is contaminated by the material storage container, which will bring you no foreign substances, or by decomposing it drowned a small animal such as a mouse itself. Also well water should be analyzed to know its composition. The uncontrolled irrigation water is a major source of pollution, so it should be monitored continuously and ensure keep it in good sanitary conditions.
  • Containers, window boxes or pots . They are used as containers to plan orchards in small areas or on terraces and balconies. It is the most popular choice in cities. In addition to their size, you have to look at the material. Some ceramic clay pots, especially vitrified or decorated with paintings could transmit farmland unwanted substances, such as certain heavy metals .
  • Pests and plant diseases . As a general rule, a pest or disease developed in a crop plant affect product quality and wholesomeness as food, so be priority avoid both pests and diseases. It is interesting to learn in each case, depending on the plant variety, its most common to detect alterations. If the pest or disease has developed, reference should be made ​​as soon aspossible to a specialist center (garden center or agricultural cooperative) to diagnose the problem and fight it . Plant tissue destruction will origin of other secondary contaminations by microorganisms. In some cases, must be removed from the growing area or damaged plants remains.
  • Fertilizers and crop protection products . Homemade organic fertilizers may contain significant bioburden contaminating the product. If necessary, treat the plant with plant protection products and should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer, especially in terms of quantity, mode of application and waiting period before consumption.

Some of the vegetables will be consumed raw, with no other sanitization process that washing. This should remove traces of dirt and dust, insects or other small animals, in addition to the potential burden of microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to add a few drops of suitable bleach for disinfection of food and drink, leave a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

possible incidents

A garden at home carries a surplus in production: the harvest comes at a time and family employment is not sufficient for total consumption. The vegetables to which the inedible parts removed should be kept refrigerated. If storage is prolonged, it is preferable freezing, chopping and blanched (blanched in boiling water), then package and label (range, date …) to consumption off-season.

HUERTA and Toxoplasma

The practice of gardening can be a source of contamination of toxoplasma , therefore, you should use gloves when handling the earth and wash your hands after this task. A cat may deposit the parasite in the soil through their droppings. Another route of contamination is ingestion of contaminated food: poorly washed vegetables and raw meats poorly made. For its serious consequences, toxoplasmosis should be avoided, especially during pregnancy – ultrasound nyc published.

Horticultural accounting and its importance

The accounting farming is the starting point for the information reliable on the environment involves the process of production , establishing appropriate controls and gathering adequate information to serve it for decision making . All agricultural sector should make use of accounting, regardless of the importance of their exploitation, and to thus obtain a better understanding of the economic result and also has a better knowledge to determine whether to continue in his current crop, diversify, combine or lease the land .

Agricultural accounting services such as bookkeeper brisbane also applies to other purposes such as obtaining necessary and correct information to meet the requirements of payment of tax income; help plan the improvement of the infrastructure of the farm, so it will have more knowledge about business management and profitability of the business, according to the benefits obtained on the farm. It also obtains the necessary information to make comparisons between periods and determine if there have been mistakes in the future can be corrected according to the experiences, provide the information necessary to meet the requirements requested by the financial entities for the processing of credit .

The difficulties of horticultural Accounting

The application of accounting principles to agricultural activities raises a number of specific to this type of economic activity difficulties:


  • The normal growth of animals that possess, which involves changes in value , also should be considered the destination to be given to animals. According to the destination, they can be considered as factors of production or as products . If a calf is sold for meat production, it is a product , if kept to become dairy cow is a factor of production. But you can also change the target in function of their growth. For example, after a life as dairy cows, it can be converted into a product and animal waste.
  • Difficulty in identifying the expenses and income family expenses and income of the company .
  • Agricultural activity depends on certain factors hardly controlled by man , including climate.
  • The valuation of the cost of production of crops on land or in the process depend on the stage of development of the crop.
  • The consumer direct product and non – monetary remuneration of work daily.
  • The combination of agriculture and livestock which hinders the determination of the cost of activities.
  • Existence of family labor.

Agricultural activity

Agricultural activity remains the most important of the economy national, for the contribution to gross domestic product , as a generator of foreign exchange and as the main source of work.

Objective of agricultural accounting

The administration in a company agricultural seeks answers to the following issues:

What to produce?

How to produce?

When produce?

To get an overview about these three questions entrepreneurs need accurate and timely information, how they are moving the markets internal and external to project what will occur as costs .

The Administrator gets this information using the system of agricultural accounting, which makes available to the employer for the most accurate and timely decisions.

Because in agriculture changes in the market are frequent, the producer must have techniques of research and make projections to provide it often changes in the processes of production. Knowing what are the costs own production, projection and diversification of new crops, helps you make better decisions when determining that it is more profitable to produce.