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If flowers and trees, parks and gardens speak to you, you will be enthralled by

the Year of Flora!

For a year long, from spring to spring, the non-profit association ANNEE DE FLORE

ASBL [Year of Flora] invites you to explore the proud horticultural past of Brussels off

the beaten tracks!

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Flores an application to give flowers from the phone

Sometimes you do not have time or forget to buy a gift to a friend or family member. If this is your case, the option of using Floresfrescas.com should be valued, since it makes it possible to buy a product online, especially flowers, so that it does not go badly to anyone because of forgetfulness.

Simplicity is the predominant note in the use of this PGP Blackberry application, since the user interface uses the structure of the current ones and, in addition, most of the sections are represented with large and very representative images . For example, if what you want to buy is a bouquet of roses, it is a photograph of what you should look for. In short, there is no loss when looking for a gift.

By the way, it is important to indicate that with regard to flowers we expected to find a greater variety available, something that we hope will be improved in the future (even this is so on the website of the store). Of course, the possibilities are enough to get out of a “haste”, so the application fulfills the function expected of Floresfrescas.com without problems.

What is very attractive about this store is the possibility of subscribing to a weekly shipment of a bouquet of flowers for the amount of € 19. This subscription service to Floresfrescas.com is a novelty that we have not seen in many places and that can be an answer for those who like to use flowers as a regular gift.

In addition, the cost is not very high. A very interesting detail offered by this service is that the shipping costs are free when making a purchase and that it is possible to buy single or double branches in all the options that are in the store (in relation to roses, there is even possibility of choose the number you want to include, with a minimum of 12).

A comfortable and uncomplicated shopping process

As it can not be otherwise in the present, making a purchase is something very simple. Once the corresponding branch has been chosen -by the way, if the title of the product is of two lines we check that sometimes the text is out of order- the Buy button is pressed in orange and the process begins, which has more steps than can be done. wait due to the possibility of adding different options.

The first thing that can be established in Floresfrescas.com is if you want to include a personalized message in the form of a gift card (there are different options). Once this is done you can give more volume to the bouquet with the inclusion of finishes in tulle or leaves as the Aspidistra. As if this were not enough, in a later step you can add additional accessories in the gift such as stuffed animals, vases, books, chocolates and champagne. Finally, the summary of the selected item appears with the global cost and the option to make the payment (for which a user account is used that already has or is registered).

It should be noted that the application includes some important sections that are interesting and that are very helpful. The first is an explanation of how the shipments are made , where you can see from the box that will be used to the paper that surrounds it. Apart, there are certain explanations of how the flowers are selected, what is important the truth.

Finally, there is a section of Frequently Asked Questions   in which you can find out from the distribution areas of Floresfrescas.com even if the purchased branch does not arrive correctly. You can even see the hours offered by the online store to proceed with the deals. This is one of the most useful sections in terms of having operating information.


The allopathic medicine has led for years the treatments for our pets. However, in recent times, the boom in holistic therapy – or better known as “alternative medicine” – has changed people’s perspective. Within this discipline, highlights the treatment with Bach flowers , liquid infusions based on floral essences that stabilize the body of those who consume them.

Flowers that heal

The 38 flower essences with which the specialist works.

The veterinary medicine of the University Mayor and specialist in therapy with flowers of Bach, Karen Montes , affirms that “the holistic therapy attends to the patient in all that implies its life, already is its feeding, with whom it is related, its environment and of there to see if he has any kind of physical or behavioral disease. ” This way of studying the patient does not lie in analyzing the disease itself, but in the set of factors that can cause it.

Gala Andrea is a seven-year-old mongrel dog . A couple of years ago he started with problems with the spine, he could not get up. For this reason, her owners took her to the veterinarian to give her conventional remedies to treat her illness. “The problem was that the doctors told us that she was going to be crippled if she continued taking allopathic remedies because they were very strong and they were going to hurt the liver,” says Valentina Hernández, owner of the dog. Six months ago he started taking Bach flowers on the recommendation of a Buin Zoo veterinarian. From that day until today he has made progress, “especially because he no longer feels pain,” he says.

However, the use of floral therapy is a “slavish method, one lives pending of that but it is worth it”, says Valentina. The doses are distributed four times a day , the number of drops will depend on what the veterinarian dictates. “For a medium dogs an average dose of 4 drops is made four times a day, but it depends on the pathology that is being treated,” says specialist Karen Montes.

Karen Montes, veterinarian

The treatment

But how do we start a treatment with Bach flowers for our dogs? Karen Montes says that “in a holistic consultation you see the whole of the animal, you analyze the environment in which the dog lives to see what is affecting it and from there look for the best floral therapy”. There are 38 types of flowers , with specific characteristics each, that treat certain behaviors and emotions. The treatment begins with an interview in the home where the data of the owner and the animal are collected, this lasts from one to two hours. After the previous investigation, a treatment bottle is left according to the reason for consultation. “That bottle contains floral essences that are emotional balancers,” he says. Three weeks later it is re-evaluated to see if favorable changes have occurred.

Karen Montes works at home, you can contact her to request a time of attention on her website or communicate through Twitter .

For this reason, floral therapy has entered the medical world as a complementary medicine to the traditional, being used together to alleviate diseases or correct behaviors that our pets can acquire over time.

Next, you can see an infographic of the flowers of Bach for dogs , where the 7 floral groups are shown in which they are divided according to the emotion and sensation that the animal tries to stop feeling.


Flowers are a wonderful thing, are not they? Its perfumes, colors and shapes create great decorations and serve very well as gifts for loved ones! But how do we speak their names in another language? como aprender ingles na internet flowers? Check out our list and find out how to name the most famous flowers in English!

Lily – Lily

Lily is the name given to a specific group of species, quite common in North America. It also appears in other continents like Europe, Asia and South America and its plants can reach of 1.20 to 2 meters of height.


Have you ever seen Lily so pretty like mine? Look at it! ” Have you ever seen a lily as beautiful as mine?” Look at him!

Orchid – Orchid

Orchid designates the name of a family of plants that grows in all the continents of the planet. They have a great diversity of colors, sizes and odors, and are found more easily in tropical regions.


The park is completely full of orchids! – The park is full of orchids

Sunflower – sunflower

The sunflower is one of the best-known flowers in the world and is called the sunflower in English. It grows to about 30 cm in diameter and its stem can reach up to 3 meters in height. One of its most interesting characteristics is that the flower turns towards the direction of the sun. This property is called heliotropism.


Look at this sunflower field! It’s all painted in yellow! – Look at this field of sunflowers! It’s all painted yellow!

Daisy – Daisy

This is one of the most common flowers in the world. Also called in Brazil “bem-me-quer”, the daisy is called daisy in English.


There are daisies all over my garden. ” There are daisies all over my garden.”

Rose – pink

The rose has appeared in Asia for thousands of years and has about 100 different species. It is well known and used in many situations.


Look how red this rose is! ” Look at this red rose!”

Tulip tulip

Also with more than 100 species, the tulips have diverse colors and shapes. It is not so common in Brazil for not adapting well to the climate of the country.


This tulip is making me sneeze . ” This tulip is making me sneeze.”

Violet – violet

Violets may be the most popular flowers in Brazil. Who never gave a vase with some of this?


I dropped my violet yesterday, but everything is okay with it. ” I dropped my violet yesterday, but it’s okay with it.

Carnation – Carnation

The carnation is the flower that is born from the carnation. The characteristics vary widely among their different species and have odors widely used by perfume manufacturers.


Red carnations are the best flowers! – Red carnations are the best flowers!

Camellia – camellia

Camellias have colors ranging from white to red. Its style is simple and delicate, and its petals can have different formats.


I bought a bunch of camellias today! – I bought a bunch of camellias today!

Azalea – Azalea

Azaleas are a fairly diverse group of flowers. There are about 10,000 species that fit into this plant genus.


Azaleas are my favorite flowers. ” Azaleas are my favorite flowers.

Do you think there was any flower on this list? Tell us in the comments!

House Flora: the new Venice

Traveling is useful, exercise your imagination. Everything else is disappointment and fatigue “ , says Céline Louis Ferdinand in his famous book Journey to the End of the Night (1932), a successful premise that also invites us to know and discover new lands and spaces. Therefore, if you are a foreigner in Venice, Casa Flora is one of the most beautiful resguardos of this medieval city, a photovisual.com home that seduces the most shy looks and forces them to dig inside.

Photo: courtesy of Casa Flora.

This wonderful stay is the result of the art direction of Diego Paccagnella and the Venetian hotelier Gioele Romanelli, two visionaries who pursue tirelessly perfection. Conceived as a boutique hotel and apart-hotel, it is offered as a cozy contemporary option for those who love those places that are an extension of the dream home. The interior is divided into two separate sections for the enjoyment of various activities. The first one is designed as a public meeting place, a  piano nobile in which culinary activities are organized, custom shoe displays and cocktails sponsored by local artists. The second corresponds to the rooms, a private area reserved for visual pleasure and rest.

Matteo Ghidoni and interior designer Laura Sari were in charge of the decoration: cages provided as lamps in the dining room, murano art and hand-painted tableware are some of the precious treasures that decorate the house, offering an ambivalent but harmonious aesthetic. Palladian tiles, Rubelli textiles and doors made from heather wood contrast with a beautiful garden that remains hidden between walls of vines and floral floors in which romantic vintage chairs  decorate the most beautiful evenings. A divine universe in which, in addition, everything can be acquired by its guests since the house functions as a showcase for different signatures of national and local design.

Photo: courtesy of Casa Flora.

Casa Flora is located in the medullary and sophisticated district of San Marco. Its nineteenth century structure boasts bright apartments that open to spectacular views, making it the perfect setting for large groups and romantic getaways.

New garden for small patients at Children’s Hospital

Children’s Garden at  National Hospital

Damián Contreras, 6, is one of the children who will be enjoying this new garden with flowers, a stream and even a beautiful view of the capital, but this garden is different from others, was built on the roof of the Centreville OBGYN  hospital .

“Here the children breathe another air, since they feel a bit frustrated inside the hospital, I think it’s a good idea about the garden,” says his mother, Elvia Cruz

As Marta Parra tells us, this garden was inspired by a hospital patient:

“I was very sick and asked her what her last wish was and she said, ‘I want to be able to leave this room and I want to feel the air, hear the birds, see the flowers and the trees.'”

The garden is equipped with outlets for patients requiring machines and equipment, while flowers do not produce allergic reactions and even the floor is soft so no one gets hurt.

It is also dedicated to the first ladies who have always supported the hospital.

The average length of stay for a child in this hospital is approximately six days, but there are times when they have to stay for several weeks or even months without being able to go out and enjoy an outdoor space, but now they can do so in this Garden in a safe environment for them.

Damian’s mother explains that when they first arrived at the hospital they stayed for a month.

“When he is diagnosed on October 1 of last year with acute leukemia, it is a very radical change for the whole family, it’s something that you do not expect.”

However, Damian has come forward in his treatments and showed us one of his favorite places in the hospital, the radio station where he is a star.

Today like every day, Elvia Cruz is grateful to have her son by her side:

“Going out with faith and watching the sun every morning and saying thank you God because I have him one more day.”

My Hispanic Survey Blog: The Day Care for Valentine’s Day

It’s February 14th! This day is better known as Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. It is a special day because we want to pamper our couple with gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, or an exquisite dinner. Although we love them all year round, this day we want them to feel even more dear.

One of the most common gifts, and the most sold for this day are the flowers. According to a survey by the National Federation of Menoristas, in 2015, 37.8% of people in the nation bought flowers on Valentine’s Day spending $ 2.1 billion. This means that there is a good chance that you will be one of those people who will receive flowers on this special day. How romantic!

The flowers are so beautiful! They fill the atmosphere with such joy, freshness, and we want them to last forever. It is so important to take good care of them because apart from beautiful, they are special and make our home look better.

There are some things you can do to enjoy your flowers and make them last longer.

  1. Keep your flowers away from hot areas (such as heaters, tele, or stove).
  1. If the flowers are wrapped in paper and with leagues, it is important to remove them from the paper and put them in a floral container and with water.
  1. Did you know that flowers take a lot of water? Fill the container with fresh water daily, and make sure each flower is touching water.
  1. There are times when flowers come with a packet of condoms. Use it for your flowers. If you do not have it, then you can add a little sugar to the water. This is a remedy from my mom who says she helps the flowers, and I believe her.
  1. Cut the stem of the flower every time you change the water. Cut only one inch at a time. This helps the flower to absorb water better and last longer. When the flowers start to look smaller, make other arrangements with the same flowers. Simply use more small containers, and separate your flowers.

Would you like to save a small memory of your flowers? get paid to take surveys. If so, take a single flower and put it between the pages of a thick and heavy book. After several weeks the flower is flat and beautiful. It is a way to have a beautiful memory of that special arrangement.

Taking a few extra minutes to take care of our flowers makes us enjoy them a little more. It is so nice to decorate our homes with natural plants and flowers so knowing how to take care of them is worth it.

I wish you have a wonderful time with your special partner on this Valentine’s Day!

The bathroom should be the place where we spend our time relaxing, surrounded only by the tranquility and serenity. It is an oasis of the soul that helps us to forget the stress and hassle of the day. To create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility in our bathroom, opt for the Zen decoration . It symbolizes calm and harmony and helps us to relax. Evil disappears, it no longer exists in our special corner where tranquility reigns. In this article, we will show you how to decorate and arrange your Zen bathroom to get the harmony of the soul.

Bathroom in wood and white with a decoration Zen 


First, you must know Zen art. It makes you approach nature, all that is natural. And so, to create a Zen atmosphere in the bathroom, plants and flowers, natural stones, wood and small accessories that recall nature, are mandatory. Be sure that the Zen decoration will create the optical illusion of a more spacious bathroom. The colors chosen carefully, play an important role in the decoration of your bathroom zen. White tile, natural wood color, beige and shades of natural stone are the colors that will create a zen atmosphere in your bathroom . Do not forget the 5 traditional elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They must be present in the decoration of the Zen bathroom. To make your senses feel the zen atmosphere in the bathroom, you can surround the bath with bathroom accessories, aromatic candles or a few drops of aromatic oils in the water. We let you enjoy the magical Zen atmosphere in your bathroom!




Know the best fishing reel to go fishing

Anyone at any age can learn the art of fishing , in fact it is only necessary to have a certain equipment, some basic skills like making fishing knots and a little practice.

If you want to fish you need to know and have a fishing equipmentwith rods and reels , fishing gear such as fishing hooks , fishing bait, artificial lures, knots and fishing gear , you must also knowhow to launch and how to attract To the fish , but additionally, you must know how to take the fish of the water towards your boat, and finally, you must know the best ways to fish and to release .

However on this occasion we will focus on one of the most important elements of fishing , ie the reels , which are a reel that has a fishing line, and when you launch this tour and release the line, also has a Handle or a handle with which you can return the line.

Next we will give you to know the different types of fishing reels and recommend you the best to go fishing without any inconvenience.

Fishing Reel: Spincast Reel, Closed Reel or Button Reel

This is the reel that is easier to use , but in addition, this is the most used reel and one of the most economical , with this reel is very unlikely that the line is entangled, has an action mechanism that makes things worse Simple, because you only have to push a button to release it , then when the cane is released the line leaves with a really minimal effort.

It turns out that if the clutch is released prematurely, the decoy can come out very high and if it is released delayed can fall a very short distance , so it has an ideal time for the clutch to be released, it must be done in synchrony with The movement that has the fishing rod to be thrown, but this is something that is achieved through practice.

However, we must say that this reel has very little line capacity , so there is a lot of wear and tear.

This type of reels has an attachment that is known as brake or drag , which has the function of controlling the tension of the line , so must be graduated to a third of the resistance of it, must do with the use of a Scale to be more accurate or not to do with a rough estimate.

This is done so that when the fish is tense in a strong way, the blow can be cushioned , allowing the fish to gain a little line and that we using the right shape the rod, we can achieve the objective.

This is the fishing reel that is most suitable for those people who are just beginning to learn how to fish , as it is the simplest reel to handle.

Fishing Reel: Baitcasting Reel

This reel is also known as reel reel, open reel or revolving drum , for many professional fishermen , this is the best reel that is produced, however, it is necessary to dedicate and practice a lot to be able to handle it in the right way, since its Handling is a bit difficult.

To use this reel you need to teach your thumb to stop the movement of the reel the moment the lure touches the water to prevent the line becoming tangled.

Also, the shots are difficult when they become contrary to the air, and if at the moment of throwing is touched some object the line is entangled in a very drastic way which can be a great lesson.

With this reel, at the moment of releasing the line, a very reduced friction is made, that produces quite long and precise shots . Some of these reels have a bearing that facilitate their use, making them softer at the time of recovery, some others are mounted on bronze bushings that are more economical .

It is only necessary to tighten the clutch so that the coil is released and the launch can be carried out, all have a pressure brake for the speed of rotation of the coil during launch, in addition they have a magnetic brake for the coil. Fine adjustment, however, both must be graduated depending on the weight of the lure and thus avoid that when the lure enters the water, the coil continues to spin which would form a great plot. Also you can look for  a list of the best baitcasters under 200 to get more idea.

Spinning fishing reel

This type of reels are quite recommended and widely used , has an open recovery system , then the reel, ie where the line is tangled, and whether hoop or reel can be seen.

These reels are used especially to launch those lures that have a low weight , as this allows shooting long distances with bait tackle that are light.

There are mainly 3 sizes of this type of reels:11

A heavy one that is used for those lines that are greater than 12 pounds , the medium with lines between 8 and 12 pounds , and a light one for lines between 2 and 6 pounds , with the latter requires a greater dexterity for its correct use.

 As you can see, each fishing reel is designed with different specifications for use and use , so deciding which reel is best depends on what you need and how many skills you have to use it properly.

Finally, whatever the choice of Fishing Reel, you should be aware that it is very important to give it a maintenance suitable, cleaning and lubricating them frequently .

To do it the right way, the recommendation is not to throw away the instructions that go with the reel , so that you can perform the maintenance yourself, otherwise it is best to take it to a specialized place for it and avoid Arm your reel in an improper or improper way which makes it impossible to use or operate.

Carpet cleaning is a task that must be incorporated into the routine cleaning of all households as part of the cleaning habits as happens like any other house furniture. This is true not only for aesthetic and care products are usually very expensive, but also clean carpets is for the health of household members because the carpets are generally housed agents that can cause allergies and irritations.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that there are many carpet cleaning companies providing laundry service carpet although today it is also possible to clean carpets at home.

Those who choose to leave out companies that clean carpets and want to carry out carpet cleaning themselves, can not ignore the following tips on how to clean carpets:

  • For proper carpet cleaning it is essential to select a carpet cleaner that is the chord to the carpet in question, whether you opt for clean carpets dry or a wet product. Any type of carpet cleaner can get in stores that sell cleaning products. Once you have, follow the label directions to avoid any surprises.11
  • In addition, for the best home carpet cleaning it is essential to use clean cloths and white not to stain more than you can now get to be the carpet.
  • While many people opt for a clean carpet dry, others choose to clean carpets that you need to use water in the application. Those who do have to keep in mind that it is essential not soak but dampen subtly. It is also necessary to let dry completely before walking on or reuse.
  • Another very good advice to follow to carry out carpet cleaning is to test the product that was selected in a small corner of it to see if done correctly and if it does not generate more smudges or fading.
  • In addition, when washing carpets yourself is necessary to see where clean carpets because they can be moved from its place is best done in a place where you can work freely, like a barbecue or a terrace; while to carry out cleaning still occupying a whole environment it is essential to start from the opposite corner of which will not ruin the work done.

On the other hand, those who prefer to hire a carpet cleaning company, you have to keep in mind that carpet cleaning prices will vary depending on a number of factors that are important to consider before hiring a dry cleaner carpets. In this regard, it is noteworthy that if carpet cleaning, one of the services most requested by customers-address is chosen, the price can be higher, but often worth it for the convenience.

Other issues to consider when asking a service carpet cleaning is that the size of it, the material it is made and its age will influence the cost beyond that is chosen or not by the carpet cleanings home.

But whether you hire a clean company rugs or perform carpet cleaning home, it is necessary to incorporate three habits for washing of carpets is not so complicated and material quality is maintained over the years.

In this regard, it is necessary to clean carpet whenever staining with something-if it is detected at the moment to prevent liquid or material entering it. To carry out carpet cleaning when it happens, must be removed gently without movement to the sides the substance that spilled and that nothing better than absorbent paper. Then continue with the product clean carpets as commonly used.

Another habit that carpet cleaning is desirable to incorporate is to pass the vacuum cleaner at least once a week to remove all dust and dirt. If it does not, you can clean carpets with a thick broom bristles.

Finally, it is necessary to clean carpets and wash well thoroughly once a year on all that is in the house. In addition, wherever it is engaged in cleaning carpets, it is recommended to rotate 180 degrees so that it wears evenly and periodically moving furniture that are above it so it is not brand him.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Those who do not wish to clean carpets in your home in a home, can choose to hire a area rug cleaning service working as laundry and carpet in charge of all dirt them out completely.

Currently, there are a lot of companies carpet cleaning available in the market that offer different services, including cleaning home … to choose from, in addition to the company’s reputation carpet cleaning must be taken into account prices offered for washing.

A gardener, hurt by a fallen tree

Percance labor. A man in his fifties was moderately wounded, around a quarter to three in the afternoon, as a result of an accident while working on a tree, within a particular parcel. It is JFL, a French national, who served for a known landscaping company operating in the region.

For reasons that are investigated, he lost his balance when he was at a height of three meters and apparently performing tasks pruning. As a result of strong blow against the ground he suffered a broken right leg and other injuries. In fact, he was complaining about back pain. The place where it happened the event is the back of a chalet located in the hamlet El Barrero, near Guadalcotón road. The wounded had to be evacuated to a hospital in Granada.

Until the property, apart from the health, agents of the Civil Guard and local police were displaced. He also mobilized the Labour Inspectorate and personal injury attorney florence sc to investigate the circumstances. According to sources, everything was in order and employees discharged. The road Guadalcotón is an environment in which there are several residential areas, such as those located near the Roman bridge and around the meadow Gitana.

Autumn is the time ripe for maintenance of hedges and gardens, so they proliferate such tasks.

Safety In The Garden?

In the park you can let off steam, live many adventures and meet new friends. But unfortunately, not all children enclosures meet the conditions necessary for the child to play safely. Poor furniture, inadequate cleaning or lack of a fence that isolates the park from other dangerous areas for small (streets, avenues, sports pools …) they are more than enough to doubt the campus security reasons. But even if everything is in perfect condition, an unexpected accident may occur by improper use of the park facilities. So without becoming steadily over the child, should indicate the possible risks of outdoor games and keep an eye on every move away with JT Auto Security


Hammocks (swing) and other recreation equipment can cause serious injury, so must be taught to use them properly and avoid climbing on those who present little security guarantees.

1. In the game of “seesaw”, for example, children should not play different weight, or climb up or drop their little hands.

2. In the slide should always seated and never slide head, wait for the previous child has come down to not push and do not sag at the edges.

3. We must teach him not to approach a hammock (swing) until it has not stopped completely.

4. Before upload, should look if there are any loose or broken parts, if any screws or brackets are loose, if I rust somewhere … and especially if age appropriate

5. This demonstrated that the hammocks (swings) made of materials such as rubber, wood, plastic … are less dangerous than metal.


That marking your baby clothes, your body … it’s the least important (you will enjoy as a dwarf), but watch to not put anything in the mouth:

1. If you play ground where there may be parasites, chemicals, insecticides, sharp objects (glass, nails, pieces of tin …), almost certainly hurt.

2. Also if playing with sand or pebbles very chiquitas, which usually have in several gardens as prevention of strokes in the ground floor, which is dangerous; almost certainly eye damage will be done.

3. Soils with rubbish, dog feces, suspicious holes or stagnant water are dangerous sources of infection, especially after rains.

4. You have to teach that it is extremely dangerous to reach into a hole that is in the earth or between rocks and lift a large stone, because you can find the unpleasant surprise of a snake bite, ants, scorpion or frightened by a lizard, etc.


One example is that the teacher can propose a consistent practical work in identifying in the classroom or on the playground where recess is made (For EGB1) and / or playground recognize those objects or areas that involve risk pricking, cutting, scraping, falling. Loas students go, watch and record, all guided by the teacher. Thus the observation exercise, the development and the possibility of offering practical solutions. “The younger ones, may not be as able to develop, they can intervene indirectly listening and seeing what made the biggest: which way as doors open, how should they leave school in case of fire, how to cross the street when entering or leaving and boarding the school bus …

To facilitate the preparation of school, with a view to the safety of children and parents peace of mind, nothing better than to make use of gadgets created with this intention:

1. The furniture has to carry the corners and edges (like walls) protected, trying not constrict the passageways or protrude dangerously.

2. Buffers for drawers that keep out the furniture and fall on the child.

3. Safety barriers for doors and stairs that prevent access to dangerous places.

4. Bumpers or security locks for doors and windows, opening difficult for small but easy to use for older (there for one or two leaves).

5. protection grids for fireplaces, radiators, heaters and stoves, which prevent the child can burn or cause a fire.

6. Fixer slip for carpets to immobilize, in the bathrooms.

7. adhesive for glass, Bands warn against fragmentation and invisible.

8. The stairs are a dangerous place for the game. We must prevent children from accessing them if not required (can be placed guardrails); the slope of the stairs, especially if they are within the school itself, should not be higher than 37 degrees, and the steps have a height of 15 cm and a lower bottom 25 cm; also they must be equipped with a difficult climb railing, and keep the steps in good condition;You must have them always well lit with a bright light, when they are inside, and thoroughly cleaned with non-slip rubber.

Contribution of fruits and vegetables in nutrition and human health

In recent years it has become aware and has emphasized the importance of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

In recent years it has become aware and has emphasized the importance of the nutritional and health value of fruit and vegetables. They now have a very important place in the dietary recommendations and food preferences of consumers and many evidences suggest its importance to human health.

While it is true that nutritional and dietary advice is a reason why the enthusiasm of consumers about fruits and vegetables has grown so much public interest by consuming them has also been stimulated by the extremely attractive displays of these in the supermarkets where an amount and enormous diversity of these products throughout the whole year are offered. Also food services in general have contributed to the “fashion” of eating fruits and vegetables. Currently, any restaurant has a large and well-stocked salad bar.

This article will document the many benefits offered by these foods and their important contribution to human health, both in prevention and cure of diseases not of nutritional origin, such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. .

The last set of dietary recommendations given in the report nutrition and health “Surgeon General” of the US, gives them a “green light” to fruits and vegetables because these foods have many “positive attributes”.Most of these are low in fat and calories and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber. In addition are a source amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and carotenes are transformed into vitamin A. Scientists in different countries are beginning to appreciate how common vegetables from celery until broccoli, through garlic and soy to name a few, stored potent chemicals that can block the synthesis of carcinogenetic substances in the body, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood or lower blood pressure.

In recent years, researchers have noticed a very important package of substances that prevent disease and are contained especially fruits and vegetables. Among the virtues of these phytochemicals highlights an apparent ability to block multiple processes that lead to cancer. These investigations come at a time when the world is more confused than ever about the true link between diet and health, about the true value of food supplements of vitamin pills, etc. Recent studies claim that phytochemicals offer the next great hope for a magic pill, one that can go beyond vitamins.

While continuing the shock and publicity for the “preventive nutrition”, you can glimpse the general interest in fruits and vegetables, which have become the heroes of nutrition. US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), recommended intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, while in other countries it is recommended to 9-11 servings per day. The National Institute Flexcin, meanwhile, recommends consuming ½ Kg. Of fruits a day.

According to most opinions, fruits and vegetables it was the first food ingested man as they were at your fingertips wild, even before he could think of hunting animals.

Fruits mentioned in the Bible as the predominant food in Eden. Throughout history there are numerous references to fruits, as well as secular and religious legends and the various books of East and West. They have reached celebrity apple of discord pretext for the Trojan War; basket of figs which was that bit asp Cleopatra, and even the famous apple of Newton. Vegetables instead, despite their importance in the diet and economy of the countries have passed almost unnoticed. His mention in the literature is not as common, although there are some examples like pumpkin stuffed with pearls Thousand and One Nights.They have traditionally been regarded as “little thing” and as symbols of low value. Importance health The contribution of fruits and vegetables for human nutrition is very significant, especially with regard to vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. If we consider the percentages of selected nutrients, which are provided by fruits and vegetables as a group according to the amount consumed per person per year, we have vitamin A and vitamin C is provided in the highest amounts for this group, however, other as vitamin V6, magnesium, iron, thiamine, niacin, they are also supplied in large amounts for fruit and vegetables.

The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), is a guide to plan diets groups of people. To address the requirements of each nutrient required that foods are chosen by the combination of nutrients they contain. Most fruits and vegetables are very important in planning diets because they provide the dual benefit of being the key components in the diet and also provide a minimum level of calories.

6 sites on gardening

The 6 best websites and blogs about gardening. Tricks and tips decoration and landscape design. Learn to cultivate your own garden. These sites have been guaranteed by WP malware removal help  so that you do not have to worry about viruses.

6. Small Gardens

Useful tips to keep your garden in perfect condition of any size. It covers all types of gardens: minimalist, modern, large or small.Articles are updated frequently and include numerous pictures and videos.


5. Decorate gardens

Guide to decorate your garden even if you are a novice amateur. Full information on: Environments, trees, shrubs, flower arranging, Bonsai, Céssped, decoration and design, flowers, tools and accessories, gardens, outdoor furniture, medicinal plants and more.


4. Decoration and Gardens

This site offers many original ideas to decorate your garden or terrace, also offers plenty of items to keep growing your own organic garden vegetables. Tricks with natural products, fertilizers, pest control, pruning, breeding, irrigation, garden accessories, ponds, lighting, flower pots, landscaping, pergolas, pools, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, roses and much more.


3.  Gardeners in action

Gardening social network where you can share photos of your garden and vote for your favorite gardens. It has an active user cominudad where you can exchange views, constultar questions and get inspiration. also it offers a gallery of images of plants, plant guide and information about garden design, garden plants, houseplants, maintenance, landscaping, gardening, gardening tools, sheds, swimming pools …


2. GuíaVerde . Com

GuíaVerde is a directory nurseries, garden centers and garden products, which also offers a blog with articles to help you decorate your garden and data sheets on all types of plants. It allows to know the closest gardening centers and their approximate prices. You can also exchange views with other gardening enthusiasts, ask questions of and learn tricks and new techniques.


1. Green is life.

website gardening magazine largest circulation in Spain. Offers a variety of content and tips on caring for your garden or growing your own garden, even you have a section dedicated to pets. It also incorporates a search engine garden centers in Spain and complete profiles of plants

Floral Remedies for Teeth

We all have suffered the pain that the wisdom teeth emerge through the skin in the mouth. Wisdom teeth are a curious phenomena as they can get anywhere from the age of 16 years later when we are in their thirties . Every time they go out, a pain and discomfort will be there for you .

Doctor’s says that the common symptoms that most people face are pain , swelling, jaw tenderness, difficulty opening the mouth and chewing food. In most cases, dentists advise extraction if the pain is too unbearable and there is not much space in your mouth for new teeth to fit in. At times, for some reason, the surgery is not possible, and the best solution is to get relief using herbal remedies. There are about 75% children experiencing tooth decay, bad breath, yellow teeth and cavity, reported by Freedom Dental Melbourne .

Listed here are some remedies herbal that will help you relieve pain and provide relief from these symptoms .

Pepper mint

Mint is a plant that is very popular for its cooling and soothing properties . It can be used to relieve pain and inflammation that is caused when a wisdom tooth is erupting. Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and apply on the affected area.

Pepper mint

You can also make a paste with dried mint leaves and water. This application helps to soothe the pain and is very comforting. You can also drink mint tea made with fresh mint leaves.


Bayberry is a plant found in Texas and the eastern US . Its roots, bark and berries are used in herbal medicines. Bayberry contains tannins that have a drying effect on the skin. If you have a tooth emerging wisdom, and the area is inflamed and painful, the bayberry application will help treat the wound efficiently.


Make a thick paste of two teaspoons of bayberry bark powder and half a tablespoon of vinegar coffee.Apply on the affected gums to get relief from pain. You can easily get bayberry at any store of health or herbal.

Lavender Oil

Lavandula is a plant that is commonly known as lavender . It is a flowering plant belonging to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is popularly cultivated for the production of essential oil of lavender, which serves many commercial purposes. Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it very beneficial as a basic effective herbal remedy to treat pain and infection of the gums when a wisdom tooth is erupting.

Lavender Oil

You should gently massage the affected area with a small amount of lavender oil. Do not apply too much pressure as this can worsen inflammation. This application should be done two or three times a day to get relief from pain and inflammation in the wisdom tooth.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia an herb called , found mainly in the continent of Australia. It has many beneficial medical properties and is used to treat a variety of skin diseases and infections. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and antiseptic , which help treat pain and infection in the region of your gum where the wisdom teeth are erupting.

Tea tree oil

Just one drop is sufficient because it can be very loud and irritating to the skin. Alternatively, you can add some tree oil drops of tea in a glass of warm water and use it to rinse the mouth. To do this, three times a day to prevent development of the infection.


Spilanthes is commonly found in Brazil grass . It is so effective in treating toothaches that is called “toothache plant”. It can be grown easily in all climates and used to treat toothache every time they touch one members of the family. Spilanthes help to numb the gums and mouth, which helps soothe the pain.


You can chew on flowers or leaves buttons to get relief from pain due to erupting wisdom teeth. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of this purifying plant will help prevent infection in the affected area.

Mirra and other medicinal plants for good oral health

Myrrh medicinal propertiesThe Myrrh  ( Commiphora molmol ) is one of the natural remedies more traditionally used to care for oral health by dentist in Florence SC. This tree is native to the African northeast and he a medicinal resin having excellent extract medicinal properties  (healing, analgesic, anti – inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic) to treat all kinds of ailments in the mouth and throat as thrush, hoarseness, tonsillitis, gum bleeding, tooth decay, pharyngitis, infections, gingivitis, cure and heal gums after dental extractions, etc. It can be found in tincture , essential oil , in dust , in infusion and resin for use mouthwashes or by adding it when you make pasta homemade teeth


Myrrh medicinal propertiesAnother very beneficial to the health of the mouth medicinal plant is the Mastic ( Pistacia L. ). The medicinal properties of mastic or mastic resin obtained from the mastic, are especially effective for inflamed gums , combat bad breath , ulcers  and sores , and achieve  white teeth. Mastic is a common shrub in the Mediterranean this white resin is obtained the mastic or mastic, which is much appreciated to have and maintain healthy gums and strengthen teeth . To take advantage of the medicinal properties of mastic just you have to chew its resin, mastic or you can also make mouthwashes with the infusion of its leaves.


Myrrh medicinal propertiesThe Rathany ( Krameria trianda ) is a medicinal herb referred to guard the mouth, from which its root is used because of its properties antibacterial , wound healing and anti – hemorrhagic , which help fight canker sores, gingivitis and bleeding gums, pyorrhea, prevent cavities , relieve toothache and even used for tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The Rathany, also known as root for teeth , is a shrub native to Bolivia and Peru traditionally used to care for teeth and mouth in general. It can be used by rinses and gargles with the infusion of the root or tincture or adding to your homemade pasta teeth.


Bistort medicinal properties The Bistort ( Polygonum knotweed L .), Also known as Serpentaria, is a particularly beneficial and effective medicinal herb to treat wounds and sores in the mouth . It is a plant that grows wild in the Pyrenees and has astringent medicinal properties , anti – inflammatory that has great protective action on the gums, bleeding from avoiding them. When highly recommended for dental extractions they have been performed. It is even effective for inflammation of the throat. The Bistorta are used mainly roots and rhizomes. To take advantage of its medicinal properties can also gargle or mouthwash infusion of the plant.

Scientific research on the effect of music on plants

Scientific research on the effect of music on plants

No school science fair would be complete without the obligatory experiment on the effect of music on plants. The alleged between and plant resulted, in 1970, an album entitled “Music for growing plants” by DJ Melbourne. It goes without saying, the failed to be among the 40 best sellers, but some scientists have developed serious investigations. Since the 50s, scientists have wondered how, or if, exposure of plants to music affects germination, growth, reproduction and genetics.

Evolutionary response

In an interview in 2008, Dr. Rich Marrini, head of the Department of Horticulture College of Agricultural Sciences College of Penn State, speculated that plants may have evolved and respond to vibrations such as those found in sound waves or windy conditions. According to the site of this institution, “Plants windward produce a hormone that slows the growth called etilena, resulting in shorter and thicker stems plants. Thus, these plants can better survive the windy condition to which they are exposed. ” As the is, in essence, a vibration, the genetic response of plants to sound waves is similar to having the wind.

Melody vs. Sound

Research published in 2004 in the “Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine” measured biological effects of music and noise on the germination of seeds of okra and long courgettes. The seeds were planted in a dark, damp and soundproof chamber. Some seeds were exposed to the sound of American flute for 16 hours a day. Others were exposed to pink noise spectrum (flicker noise or jitter) and other received no stimulation. Most seeds exposed to music welled similarly to those receiving pink noise or control groups, a finding that scientists considered statistically significant. The article concludes that music has important effects on the seeds of both plants.

Effects of rhythm

A 2007 study published in the “Asian Journal of Plant Sciences” found correlations between exposure to music and the speed of growth and mitotic division of onion seeds, or Allium cepa.Los researchers exposed some seeds to “classical music strong, complex, rhythmic accents on the second and fourth intervals “and other seeds were exposed to music more dynamic and rhythmic intervals. Seeds “heard” Chopin pieces, Mozsrt, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Schubert and Wagner. The studies showed that, although both rates have positive effects on root growth and the rate of mitotic division, the most dynamic music has a greater effect.

Recent researches

Much of the research on plants and music began in the ’50s and’ 60s. The botanical TC Singh exposed to an aquatic tones of a tuning fork plant. Normally, this plant produces a stream of protoplasm only in the evenings. Dr. Singh found that music could induce the plant to produce protoplasm at any time of day. Singh also presented a variety of species to the music of southern India, a violin with frequencies ranging over a range of 100 to 600 Hz, and found that plant growth had increased. The Canadian engineer Eugene Canby wheat plants exposed to certain classical music recordings and reported an increase in growth of 66%. A few years later, scientific Dorothy Retallack found that frequencies around 5000 Hz were more effective to induce plant growth. Classical music of European composers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and music selections with North Indian sitar showed good results in the growth of plants; on the contrary, rock and selections by composers of the twentieth century they caused the plants to stay away from the speakers, to atrophy or even die.

Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms

Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms

A San Pedro cactus. (Screenshot: YouTube)

The user of YouTube David de los Santos Gil recently published a time-lapse video showing how various flowers bloom.

The video required about 40 thousand photographs and includes common plants like lily and exotic as the tigridia or tiger flower, which do not last more than a day.

This is not the first time that Santos, who stands on YouTube for its videos about nature and animals, collects the complex movements of the flowers once they decide it’s time to reproduce. An earlier compilation, published almost a year ago, was well received with 65K reproductions.

The complete list of flowers, in order of appearance, is: hyacinth, hibiscus, narcissus, alstroemeria, daisies, pink, cactus San Pedro (Trichocereus), iris, pending the queen, almond blossom, amaryllis, tooth lion, gladioli, nigella damask, tigridia, lillium and tulips.

Santos’s More work of how do you buy views on youtube can be found on its website www.qqtube.com.

Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

The last 84 Academy Awards, was one of those that kept many outstanding Mexican ceremony. These things happen when some of us manage to appear in the celebration of the most popular film worldwide. On this occasion, our hopes were placed in Demian Bichir, nominated for best actor for his work in “A Better Life” (A Better Life, C. Witz, 2011, watch this movie on http://Project-free-tv.to) and Emmanuel Lubezky nominated for Best Cinematography for “The Tree of Life “(T. Malick, 2011, watch online free on www.movie25.io). The media in general fed our hopes, Demian Bichir and mainly, captured notes and interviews. The commotion even had the positive effect that in some theaters besides the Cineteca Nacional restrenada the film was, for the public – now curious and interestedly could see it. The phenomenon is not strange, we have seen on many occasions as entertainment journalism artificially promote certain issues considered “interesting” and not always as fortunate as in this case, where the nominations seem to respond to achieving a good job both in the business of acting as in photography, and therefore seemed beyond expectations sown, we had good chances. However, as at other times, we were on the line, no way, the way things are. It is noteworthy that at least this time we are left with a very good taste, especially in the case of Demian Bichir, whose picture to picture while presenting Natalie Portman, went around the world showing him smiling, proud, satisfied. The outstanding speech Portman is the best performances in this category, the longest and also the most emotional to speak of undocumented Mexicans – not illegal, thanks Natalie – and surely thousands of compatriots on that side border must have seemed even vindictive. As if that were not enough, “A Better Life” is by no means a trivial film. A legitimate aspiration, cause of many of the most painful circumstances being experienced by Mexicans on both sides of the border, is the raw material of this story. Who among us has not narrowed eyes and thought about how I could achieve a better future for his family, for loved ones, for friends, for all our country? I never put a title better to tell a story like this. Evocative and endearing, the movie is worth seeing for itself, independent of the nomination for Bichir.

But speaking of Bichir, it is also important to say that this is one of the most outstanding performances of his career. Expression and emotion as never before had seen him, besides the experience, make by far the work which can always be proud. Crying scene, is particularly outstanding and is not for nothing that choose to present on the big night of awards Oscar.Pero opposed to this remarkable moment, also delivered as every year, the awards for the worst Film, Razzies famous in its 2012 edition (which will be delivered next April 1). And here another movie where a Mexican participates was nominated and actually swept the nominations, it is “Jack and Jill” (D. Dougan, 2011) that won six Razzie nominations, including worst film of the year.

Derbez has a modest share, that here also the media announced as its glorious debut in Hollywood films and earned enough expectation as to bring people to theaters and generate income millionaires at the box office. Interestingly, the role of Derbez is also a gardener, but in another tenor, so different and unworthy that was even offensive to many Mexicans on both sides of the border.

A performance much like what we’ve seen on television, is what comedian threw hand for her performance in the film. And maybe make you laugh here, but in another context ended up being offensive and vulgar.

The only thing perhaps that deserves them satisfaction to the producers of this film is profit at the box office, and in this case, the comparison between the two films seem totally unfair, “A Better Life” grossed in its weekend debut 62,000 dlls USA and he accumulated total during its exhibition in the United States 1 million 759,000 dlls USA; while “Jack and Jill” he grossed in its weekend debut $ 25,000 dlls USA and accumulated a total of $ 74 million dlls USA during its exhibition in the American Union, according consulted figures imdb.Que quality and box office success almost never match, it is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated many times and not worth delving into this debate at the moment. Provide a framework to indicate how different can be the incursions of Mexicans in the Hollywood industry, considered the most influential in the world. It is also curious that in both cases we have a portrait of migration so different, in some cases brought to the screen with dignity and otherwise the opposite, being much more profitable – and this is the sad fact of the matter a bad movie .

But it is better left with the luminous and dignified part: the discourse of Portman’s smile Bichir to picture in your gala night, the revival of the tape and interest in her. That and make a decent portrait of ourselves, our families and our tragedies, thank you very much Demian Bichir, and of course, thank you very much to the Academy of Arts in Hollywood for having all that into account in this 84 delivery Oscars to best of American industry.


Water disinfection and reuse in greenhouse horticulture

Production in greenhouse horticulture in Europe is still not as efficient in the use of water as it could be. Growth systems without soil (hydroponics) are becoming common in horticulture from most European countries, although no large scale in all countries. The advantages of soil -less growing systems compared to crops grown in soil are:

· The growth and harvesting are independent of the type of soil in the area of ​​culture;

· Better control of growth by use of improved water pitcher filter quality and a better fertilization;

· Increased product quality;

· Start free of pathogens by using different substrates on the ground and / or easier soil pathogen control.

The disadvantages of these systems are:

· The high quality of water required;

· High investment and high costs of fertilizers;

· Low amount of water.

In most cases open or run the water systems are adopted. In such open systems, the nutrient solution is left freely lava ground and surface waters. For economic reasons and environmental concerns can be applied soilless closed systems. These closed systems are more efficient with the use of water and fertilizers, and cause less damage to the environment. The disadvantage of closed systems is the risk of a rapid spread of soil-borne pathogens due to the recirculation of the nutrient solution. To eliminate these pathogens, they can be used various methods of disinfection.

Ozone Treatment

Treatment with ozone can be used to disinfect the drain water [2] . Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant is known and its function is the destruction of bacteria, viruses and odors. A contribution of 10 grams of ozone per hour and cubic meter of water is enough to kill all pathogens.

UV disinfection

Another way to disinfect water drainage is to use UV radiation [2] . The ultra (or UV) radiation violet is a proven process for disinfecting water, air and solid surfaces microbiologically contaminated. To remove bacteria and fungi an energy dose of 100 mJ / cm is recommended 2 . For viruses a dose of 250 mJ / cm is recommended 2 .

Heat treatment

When a treatment is applied by heating, a solution is heated for 30 seconds at 95C. At this temperature all pathogens are killed [7] . A disadvantage of heat treatment is gas consumption. Also the drain warm water contains less oxygen.

Slow sand filtration
For a few years commercial farmers have been using facilities slow filtration through sand to remove pathogens. [4] [5] [6]Sand filtration is frequently used as a very effective way to remove suspended solids in water method. The filter medium consists of a series of layers of sand with a variety of grain sizes and specific gravity. Sand filters are available in different sizes and both manual and fully automatic operation materials.


Tips for pregnant women – How to plant a garden at home without health risks

Planting a home garden can become a disadvantage due to contamination of food if some basic points are not respected.

Having a home garden is a hobby that has won many adherents in recent years, not only among people owning a small field, but also in limited areas such as terraces and balconies. More for entertainment than necessity, although it may help save on shopping, have a garden at home has become a hobby with benefits if done properly to avoid food contamination.




Use time on a task that it will benefit or see grow their own vegetables are some of the attractions of this activity involving children and adults. However, one of the aspects that motivated to enter the world of horticulture is to get fresh, tasty and natural products that no one else has stepped in and free themselves of large farms chemicals. The goal is to get home vegetables and vegetables and therefore healthier. However, this statement so logical a priori, may become contrary if not taken into account factors that make a healthy garden into a source of food contamination.

Physical or chemical contaminants arising from the nature of the soil or misapplication of horticultural products, or other biological as fungi and microorganisms, whose development is more favorable in plants and damaged fruit can become a vegetable or homemade vegetable in a way of food poisoning.


The main factors to plan and develop a home garden are:

  • The floor . Often be filled construction and therefore may contain substances not recommended. Also remains of detergents, industrial oils or previous pesticide treatments can contaminate it . If the garden is extensive, it is imperative that a professional conduct an analysis to dictate their suitability as growing media, as well as indicating how to improve it if necessary. For a soil is considered suitable for cultivation should be deep, airy, well drained, but able to retain water, rich in organic matter and minerals, non – saline and neutral pH nutrients. If far away from this model, it is preferable to use special filling substrate for horticulture and perform, if you work in small areas, raised beds on the ground.These banks cultivation can be delimited by stone blocks, wooden fences, or sleepers. In the latter case ecological preferable because they have not received tarred treatments. In addition, it is essential that the soil is not infected by fungi, bacteria, insects or nematodes, a common occurrence in cultivated soil, which must be disinfected regularly using suitable chemicals for non-professional horticulture or alternative procedures, such as ecological solarization process, in which the free culture surface is covered with transparent sheets and thin plastic.
  • Location . A good choice of location for the garden, well ventilated and sunny most of the day, be planted is essential not only to enhance the performance of work, but to ensure a healthy and free harvest rot. Excessive humidity and lack of ventilation favor the development of molds and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Some fruits, like zucchini or melons, need fat in contact with the soil, hence the need to pave the way in this area to prevent accumulation of water irrigation and even put them on a bed of straw or twigs.
  • Utensils and tools . They should be kept clean and in good condition. Before saving, will have to withdraw land carefully and dry them. Cutting tools should be maintained sharp to avoid inaccurate cuts and tears that generate problems in plant tissues.
  • Seeds and seedlings . When varieties of plants to be cultivated are chosen, you must learn before their requirements, especially in terms of need for water and sun. The choice must be adapted to the availability of each. Purchase seeds and seedlings in expert centers ensure product quality.
  • Irrigation water . It is convenient to use the network of drinking water , as it will ensure their good health status. If this is not possible, many orchards have a water tank or water collection tank. The risk is that the water is contaminated by the material storage container, which will bring you no foreign substances, or by decomposing it drowned a small animal such as a mouse itself. Also well water should be analyzed to know its composition. The uncontrolled irrigation water is a major source of pollution, so it should be monitored continuously and ensure keep it in good sanitary conditions.
  • Containers, window boxes or pots . They are used as containers to plan orchards in small areas or on terraces and balconies. It is the most popular choice in cities. In addition to their size, you have to look at the material. Some ceramic clay pots, especially vitrified or decorated with paintings could transmit farmland unwanted substances, such as certain heavy metals .
  • Pests and plant diseases . As a general rule, a pest or disease developed in a crop plant affect product quality and wholesomeness as food, so be priority avoid both pests and diseases. It is interesting to learn in each case, depending on the plant variety, its most common to detect alterations. If the pest or disease has developed, reference should be made as soon aspossible to a specialist center (garden center or agricultural cooperative) to diagnose the problem and fight it . Plant tissue destruction will origin of other secondary contaminations by microorganisms. In some cases, must be removed from the growing area or damaged plants remains.
  • Fertilizers and crop protection products . Homemade organic fertilizers may contain significant bioburden contaminating the product. If necessary, treat the plant with plant protection products and should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer, especially in terms of quantity, mode of application and waiting period before consumption.

Some of the vegetables will be consumed raw, with no other sanitization process that washing. This should remove traces of dirt and dust, insects or other small animals, in addition to the potential burden of microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to add a few drops of suitable bleach for disinfection of food and drink, leave a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

possible incidents

A garden at home carries a surplus in production: the harvest comes at a time and family employment is not sufficient for total consumption. The vegetables to which the inedible parts removed should be kept refrigerated. If storage is prolonged, it is preferable freezing, chopping and blanched (blanched in boiling water), then package and label (range, date …) to consumption off-season.

HUERTA and Toxoplasma

The practice of gardening can be a source of contamination of toxoplasma , therefore, you should use gloves when handling the earth and wash your hands after this task. A cat may deposit the parasite in the soil through their droppings. Another route of contamination is ingestion of contaminated food: poorly washed vegetables and raw meats poorly made. For its serious consequences, toxoplasmosis should be avoided, especially during pregnancy – ultrasound nyc published.

Horticultural accounting and its importance

The accounting farming is the starting point for the information reliable on the environment involves the process of production , establishing appropriate controls and gathering adequate information to serve it for decision making . All agricultural sector should make use of accounting, regardless of the importance of their exploitation, and to thus obtain a better understanding of the economic result and also has a better knowledge to determine whether to continue in his current crop, diversify, combine or lease the land .

Agricultural accounting services such as bookkeeper brisbane also applies to other purposes such as obtaining necessary and correct information to meet the requirements of payment of tax income; help plan the improvement of the infrastructure of the farm, so it will have more knowledge about business management and profitability of the business, according to the benefits obtained on the farm. It also obtains the necessary information to make comparisons between periods and determine if there have been mistakes in the future can be corrected according to the experiences, provide the information necessary to meet the requirements requested by the financial entities for the processing of credit .

The difficulties of horticultural Accounting

The application of accounting principles to agricultural activities raises a number of specific to this type of economic activity difficulties:


  • The normal growth of animals that possess, which involves changes in value , also should be considered the destination to be given to animals. According to the destination, they can be considered as factors of production or as products . If a calf is sold for meat production, it is a product , if kept to become dairy cow is a factor of production. But you can also change the target in function of their growth. For example, after a life as dairy cows, it can be converted into a product and animal waste.
  • Difficulty in identifying the expenses and income family expenses and income of the company .
  • Agricultural activity depends on certain factors hardly controlled by man , including climate.
  • The valuation of the cost of production of crops on land or in the process depend on the stage of development of the crop.
  • The consumer direct product and non – monetary remuneration of work daily.
  • The combination of agriculture and livestock which hinders the determination of the cost of activities.
  • Existence of family labor.

Agricultural activity

Agricultural activity remains the most important of the economy national, for the contribution to gross domestic product , as a generator of foreign exchange and as the main source of work.

Objective of agricultural accounting

The administration in a company agricultural seeks answers to the following issues:

What to produce?

How to produce?

When produce?

To get an overview about these three questions entrepreneurs need accurate and timely information, how they are moving the markets internal and external to project what will occur as costs .

The Administrator gets this information using the system of agricultural accounting, which makes available to the employer for the most accurate and timely decisions.

Because in agriculture changes in the market are frequent, the producer must have techniques of research and make projections to provide it often changes in the processes of production. Knowing what are the costs own production, projection and diversification of new crops, helps you make better decisions when determining that it is more profitable to produce.