Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

Gardeners in Hollywood. Of dignity in Bichir to shame in Derbez

The┬álast 84 Academy Awards, was one of those that kept many outstanding Mexican ceremony. These things happen when some of us manage to appear in the celebration of the most popular film worldwide. On this occasion, our hopes were placed in Demian Bichir, nominated for best actor for his work in “A Better Life” (A Better Life, C. Witz, 2011, watch this movie on and Emmanuel Lubezky nominated for Best Cinematography for “The Tree of Life “(T. Malick, 2011, watch online free on The media in general fed our hopes, Demian Bichir and mainly, captured notes and interviews. The commotion even had the positive effect that in some theaters besides the Cineteca Nacional restrenada the film was, for the public – now curious and interestedly could see it. The phenomenon is not strange, we have seen on many occasions as entertainment journalism artificially promote certain issues considered “interesting” and not always as fortunate as in this case, where the nominations seem to respond to achieving a good job both in the business of acting as in photography, and therefore seemed beyond expectations sown, we had good chances. However, as at other times, we were on the line, no way, the way things are. It is noteworthy that at least this time we are left with a very good taste, especially in the case of Demian Bichir, whose picture to picture while presenting Natalie Portman, went around the world showing him smiling, proud, satisfied. The outstanding speech Portman is the best performances in this category, the longest and also the most emotional to speak of undocumented Mexicans – not illegal, thanks Natalie – and surely thousands of compatriots on that side border must have seemed even vindictive. As if that were not enough, “A Better Life” is by no means a trivial film. A legitimate aspiration, cause of many of the most painful circumstances being experienced by Mexicans on both sides of the border, is the raw material of this story. Who among us has not narrowed eyes and thought about how I could achieve a better future for his family, for loved ones, for friends, for all our country? I never put a title better to tell a story like this. Evocative and endearing, the movie is worth seeing for itself, independent of the nomination for Bichir.

But speaking of Bichir, it is also important to say that this is one of the most outstanding performances of his career. Expression and emotion as never before had seen him, besides the experience, make by far the work which can always be proud. Crying scene, is particularly outstanding and is not for nothing that choose to present on the big night of awards Oscar.Pero opposed to this remarkable moment, also delivered as every year, the awards for the worst Film, Razzies famous in its 2012 edition (which will be delivered next April 1). And here another movie where a Mexican participates was nominated and actually swept the nominations, it is “Jack and Jill” (D. Dougan, 2011) that won six Razzie nominations, including worst film of the year.

Derbez has a modest share, that here also the media announced as its glorious debut in Hollywood films and earned enough expectation as to bring people to theaters and generate income millionaires at the box office. Interestingly, the role of Derbez is also a gardener, but in another tenor, so different and unworthy that was even offensive to many Mexicans on both sides of the border.

A performance much like what we’ve seen on television, is what comedian threw hand for her performance in the film. And maybe make you laugh here, but in another context ended up being offensive and vulgar.

The only thing perhaps that deserves them satisfaction to the producers of this film is profit at the box office, and in this case, the comparison between the two films seem totally unfair, “A Better Life” grossed in its weekend debut 62,000 dlls USA and he accumulated total during its exhibition in the United States 1 million 759,000 dlls USA; while “Jack and Jill” he grossed in its weekend debut $ 25,000 dlls USA and accumulated a total of $ 74 million dlls USA during its exhibition in the American Union, according consulted figures imdb.Que quality and box office success almost never match, it is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated many times and not worth delving into this debate at the moment. Provide a framework to indicate how different can be the incursions of Mexicans in the Hollywood industry, considered the most influential in the world. It is also curious that in both cases we have a portrait of migration so different, in some cases brought to the screen with dignity and otherwise the opposite, being much more profitable – and this is the sad fact of the matter a bad movie .

But it is better left with the luminous and dignified part: the discourse of Portman’s smile Bichir to picture in your gala night, the revival of the tape and interest in her. That and make a decent portrait of ourselves, our families and our tragedies, thank you very much Demian Bichir, and of course, thank you very much to the Academy of Arts in Hollywood for having all that into account in this 84 delivery Oscars to best of American industry.


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