Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms

Video shows in slow motion like a flower blooms

A San Pedro cactus. (Screenshot: YouTube)

The user of YouTube David de los Santos Gil recently published a time-lapse video showing how various flowers bloom.

The video required about 40 thousand photographs and includes common plants like lily and exotic as the tigridia or tiger flower, which do not last more than a day.

This is not the first time that Santos, who stands on YouTube for its videos about nature and animals, collects the complex movements of the flowers once they decide it’s time to reproduce. An earlier compilation, published almost a year ago, was well received with 65K reproductions.

The complete list of flowers, in order of appearance, is: hyacinth, hibiscus, narcissus, alstroemeria, daisies, pink, cactus San Pedro (Trichocereus), iris, pending the queen, almond blossom, amaryllis, tooth lion, gladioli, nigella damask, tigridia, lillium and tulips.

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