Contribution of fruits and vegetables in nutrition and human health

In recent years it has become aware and has emphasized the importance of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

In recent years it has become aware and has emphasized the importance of the nutritional and health value of fruit and vegetables. They now have a very important place in the dietary recommendations and food preferences of consumers and many evidences suggest its importance to human health.

While it is true that nutritional and dietary advice is a reason why the enthusiasm of consumers about fruits and vegetables has grown so much public interest by consuming them has also been stimulated by the extremely attractive displays of these in the supermarkets where an amount and enormous diversity of these products throughout the whole year are offered. Also food services in general have contributed to the “fashion” of eating fruits and vegetables. Currently, any restaurant has a large and well-stocked salad bar.

This article will document the many benefits offered by these foods and their important contribution to human health, both in prevention and cure of diseases not of nutritional origin, such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. .

The last set of dietary recommendations given in the report nutrition and health “Surgeon General” of the US, gives them a “green light” to fruits and vegetables because these foods have many “positive attributes”.Most of these are low in fat and calories and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber. In addition are a source amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and carotenes are transformed into vitamin A. Scientists in different countries are beginning to appreciate how common vegetables from celery until broccoli, through garlic and soy to name a few, stored potent chemicals that can block the synthesis of carcinogenetic substances in the body, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood or lower blood pressure.

In recent years, researchers have noticed a very important package of substances that prevent disease and are contained especially fruits and vegetables. Among the virtues of these phytochemicals highlights an apparent ability to block multiple processes that lead to cancer. These investigations come at a time when the world is more confused than ever about the true link between diet and health, about the true value of food supplements of vitamin pills, etc. Recent studies claim that phytochemicals offer the next great hope for a magic pill, one that can go beyond vitamins.

While continuing the shock and publicity for the “preventive nutrition”, you can glimpse the general interest in fruits and vegetables, which have become the heroes of nutrition. US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), recommended intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, while in other countries it is recommended to 9-11 servings per day. The National Institute Flexcin, meanwhile, recommends consuming ½ Kg. Of fruits a day.

According to most opinions, fruits and vegetables it was the first food ingested man as they were at your fingertips wild, even before he could think of hunting animals.

Fruits mentioned in the Bible as the predominant food in Eden. Throughout history there are numerous references to fruits, as well as secular and religious legends and the various books of East and West. They have reached celebrity apple of discord pretext for the Trojan War; basket of figs which was that bit asp Cleopatra, and even the famous apple of Newton. Vegetables instead, despite their importance in the diet and economy of the countries have passed almost unnoticed. His mention in the literature is not as common, although there are some examples like pumpkin stuffed with pearls Thousand and One Nights.They have traditionally been regarded as “little thing” and as symbols of low value. Importance health The contribution of fruits and vegetables for human nutrition is very significant, especially with regard to vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. If we consider the percentages of selected nutrients, which are provided by fruits and vegetables as a group according to the amount consumed per person per year, we have vitamin A and vitamin C is provided in the highest amounts for this group, however, other as vitamin V6, magnesium, iron, thiamine, niacin, they are also supplied in large amounts for fruit and vegetables.

The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), is a guide to plan diets groups of people. To address the requirements of each nutrient required that foods are chosen by the combination of nutrients they contain. Most fruits and vegetables are very important in planning diets because they provide the dual benefit of being the key components in the diet and also provide a minimum level of calories.

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