A gardener, hurt by a fallen tree

Percance labor. A man in his fifties was moderately wounded, around a quarter to three in the afternoon, as a result of an accident while working on a tree, within a particular parcel. It is JFL, a French national, who served for a known landscaping company operating in the region.

For reasons that are investigated, he lost his balance when he was at a height of three meters and apparently performing tasks pruning. As a result of strong blow against the ground he suffered a broken right leg and other injuries. In fact, he was complaining about back pain. The place where it happened the event is the back of a chalet located in the hamlet El Barrero, near Guadalcotón road. The wounded had to be evacuated to a hospital in Granada.

Until the property, apart from the health, agents of the Civil Guard and local police were displaced. He also mobilized the Labour Inspectorate and personal injury attorney florence sc to investigate the circumstances. According to sources, everything was in order and employees discharged. The road Guadalcotón is an environment in which there are several residential areas, such as those located near the Roman bridge and around the meadow Gitana.

Autumn is the time ripe for maintenance of hedges and gardens, so they proliferate such tasks.

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