Know the best fishing reel to go fishing

Anyone at any age can learn the art of fishing , in fact it is only necessary to have a certain equipment, some basic skills like making fishing knots and a little practice.

If you want to fish you need to know and have a fishing equipmentwith rods and reels , fishing gear such as fishing hooks , fishing bait, artificial lures, knots and fishing gear , you must also knowhow to launch and how to attract To the fish , but additionally, you must know how to take the fish of the water towards your boat, and finally, you must know the best ways to fish and to release .

However on this occasion we will focus on one of the most important elements of fishing , ie the reels , which are a reel that has a fishing line, and when you launch this tour and release the line, also has a Handle or a handle with which you can return the line.

Next we will give you to know the different types of fishing reels and recommend you the best to go fishing without any inconvenience.

Fishing Reel: Spincast Reel, Closed Reel or Button Reel

This is the reel that is easier to use , but in addition, this is the most used reel and one of the most economical , with this reel is very unlikely that the line is entangled, has an action mechanism that makes things worse Simple, because you only have to push a button to release it , then when the cane is released the line leaves with a really minimal effort.

It turns out that if the clutch is released prematurely, the decoy can come out very high and if it is released delayed can fall a very short distance , so it has an ideal time for the clutch to be released, it must be done in synchrony with The movement that has the fishing rod to be thrown, but this is something that is achieved through practice.

However, we must say that this reel has very little line capacity , so there is a lot of wear and tear.

This type of reels has an attachment that is known as brake or drag , which has the function of controlling the tension of the line , so must be graduated to a third of the resistance of it, must do with the use of a Scale to be more accurate or not to do with a rough estimate.

This is done so that when the fish is tense in a strong way, the blow can be cushioned , allowing the fish to gain a little line and that we using the right shape the rod, we can achieve the objective.

This is the fishing reel that is most suitable for those people who are just beginning to learn how to fish , as it is the simplest reel to handle.

Fishing Reel: Baitcasting Reel

This reel is also known as reel reel, open reel or revolving drum , for many professional fishermen , this is the best reel that is produced, however, it is necessary to dedicate and practice a lot to be able to handle it in the right way, since its Handling is a bit difficult.

To use this reel you need to teach your thumb to stop the movement of the reel the moment the lure touches the water to prevent the line becoming tangled.

Also, the shots are difficult when they become contrary to the air, and if at the moment of throwing is touched some object the line is entangled in a very drastic way which can be a great lesson.

With this reel, at the moment of releasing the line, a very reduced friction is made, that produces quite long and precise shots . Some of these reels have a bearing that facilitate their use, making them softer at the time of recovery, some others are mounted on bronze bushings that are more economical .

It is only necessary to tighten the clutch so that the coil is released and the launch can be carried out, all have a pressure brake for the speed of rotation of the coil during launch, in addition they have a magnetic brake for the coil. Fine adjustment, however, both must be graduated depending on the weight of the lure and thus avoid that when the lure enters the water, the coil continues to spin which would form a great plot. Also you can look for  a list of the best baitcasters under 200 to get more idea.

Spinning fishing reel

This type of reels are quite recommended and widely used , has an open recovery system , then the reel, ie where the line is tangled, and whether hoop or reel can be seen.

These reels are used especially to launch those lures that have a low weight , as this allows shooting long distances with bait tackle that are light.

There are mainly 3 sizes of this type of reels:11

A heavy one that is used for those lines that are greater than 12 pounds , the medium with lines between 8 and 12 pounds , and a light one for lines between 2 and 6 pounds , with the latter requires a greater dexterity for its correct use.

 As you can see, each fishing reel is designed with different specifications for use and use , so deciding which reel is best depends on what you need and how many skills you have to use it properly.

Finally, whatever the choice of Fishing Reel, you should be aware that it is very important to give it a maintenance suitable, cleaning and lubricating them frequently .

To do it the right way, the recommendation is not to throw away the instructions that go with the reel , so that you can perform the maintenance yourself, otherwise it is best to take it to a specialized place for it and avoid Arm your reel in an improper or improper way which makes it impossible to use or operate.

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