New garden for small patients at Children’s Hospital

Children’s Garden at  National Hospital

Damián Contreras, 6, is one of the children who will be enjoying this new garden with flowers, a stream and even a beautiful view of the capital, but this garden is different from others, was built on the roof of the Centreville OBGYN  hospital .

“Here the children breathe another air, since they feel a bit frustrated inside the hospital, I think it’s a good idea about the garden,” says his mother, Elvia Cruz

As Marta Parra tells us, this garden was inspired by a hospital patient:

“I was very sick and asked her what her last wish was and she said, ‘I want to be able to leave this room and I want to feel the air, hear the birds, see the flowers and the trees.'”

The garden is equipped with outlets for patients requiring machines and equipment, while flowers do not produce allergic reactions and even the floor is soft so no one gets hurt.

It is also dedicated to the first ladies who have always supported the hospital.

The average length of stay for a child in this hospital is approximately six days, but there are times when they have to stay for several weeks or even months without being able to go out and enjoy an outdoor space, but now they can do so in this Garden in a safe environment for them.

Damian’s mother explains that when they first arrived at the hospital they stayed for a month.

“When he is diagnosed on October 1 of last year with acute leukemia, it is a very radical change for the whole family, it’s something that you do not expect.”

However, Damian has come forward in his treatments and showed us one of his favorite places in the hospital, the radio station where he is a star.

Today like every day, Elvia Cruz is grateful to have her son by her side:

“Going out with faith and watching the sun every morning and saying thank you God because I have him one more day.”

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