The allopathic medicine has led for years the treatments for our pets. However, in recent times, the boom in holistic therapy – or better known as “alternative medicine” – has changed people’s perspective. Within this discipline, highlights the treatment with Bach flowers , liquid infusions based on floral essences that stabilize the body of those who consume them.

Flowers that heal

The 38 flower essences with which the specialist works.

The veterinary medicine of the University Mayor and specialist in therapy with flowers of Bach, Karen Montes , affirms that “the holistic therapy attends to the patient in all that implies its life, already is its feeding, with whom it is related, its environment and of there to see if he has any kind of physical or behavioral disease. ” This way of studying the patient does not lie in analyzing the disease itself, but in the set of factors that can cause it.

Gala Andrea is a seven-year-old mongrel dog . A couple of years ago he started with problems with the spine, he could not get up. For this reason, her owners took her to the veterinarian to give her conventional remedies to treat her illness. “The problem was that the doctors told us that she was going to be crippled if she continued taking allopathic remedies because they were very strong and they were going to hurt the liver,” says Valentina Hernández, owner of the dog. Six months ago he started taking Bach flowers on the recommendation of a Buin Zoo veterinarian. From that day until today he has made progress, “especially because he no longer feels pain,” he says.

However, the use of floral therapy is a “slavish method, one lives pending of that but it is worth it”, says Valentina. The doses are distributed four times a day , the number of drops will depend on what the veterinarian dictates. “For a medium dogs an average dose of 4 drops is made four times a day, but it depends on the pathology that is being treated,” says specialist Karen Montes.

Karen Montes, veterinarian

The treatment

But how do we start a treatment with Bach flowers for our dogs? Karen Montes says that “in a holistic consultation you see the whole of the animal, you analyze the environment in which the dog lives to see what is affecting it and from there look for the best floral therapy”. There are 38 types of flowers , with specific characteristics each, that treat certain behaviors and emotions. The treatment begins with an interview in the home where the data of the owner and the animal are collected, this lasts from one to two hours. After the previous investigation, a treatment bottle is left according to the reason for consultation. “That bottle contains floral essences that are emotional balancers,” he says. Three weeks later it is re-evaluated to see if favorable changes have occurred.

Karen Montes works at home, you can contact her to request a time of attention on her website or communicate through Twitter .

For this reason, floral therapy has entered the medical world as a complementary medicine to the traditional, being used together to alleviate diseases or correct behaviors that our pets can acquire over time.

Next, you can see an infographic of the flowers of Bach for dogs , where the 7 floral groups are shown in which they are divided according to the emotion and sensation that the animal tries to stop feeling.

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