Flowers are a wonderful thing, are not they? Its perfumes, colors and shapes create great decorations and serve very well as gifts for loved ones! But how do we speak their names in another language? como aprender ingles na internet flowers? Check out our list and find out how to name the most famous flowers in English!

Lily – Lily

Lily is the name given to a specific group of species, quite common in North America. It also appears in other continents like Europe, Asia and South America and its plants can reach of 1.20 to 2 meters of height.


Have you ever seen Lily so pretty like mine? Look at it! ” Have you ever seen a lily as beautiful as mine?” Look at him!

Orchid – Orchid

Orchid designates the name of a family of plants that grows in all the continents of the planet. They have a great diversity of colors, sizes and odors, and are found more easily in tropical regions.


The park is completely full of orchids! – The park is full of orchids

Sunflower – sunflower

The sunflower is one of the best-known flowers in the world and is called the sunflower in English. It grows to about 30 cm in diameter and its stem can reach up to 3 meters in height. One of its most interesting characteristics is that the flower turns towards the direction of the sun. This property is called heliotropism.


Look at this sunflower field! It’s all painted in yellow! – Look at this field of sunflowers! It’s all painted yellow!

Daisy – Daisy

This is one of the most common flowers in the world. Also called in Brazil “bem-me-quer”, the daisy is called daisy in English.


There are daisies all over my garden. ” There are daisies all over my garden.”

Rose – pink

The rose has appeared in Asia for thousands of years and has about 100 different species. It is well known and used in many situations.


Look how red this rose is! ” Look at this red rose!”

Tulip tulip

Also with more than 100 species, the tulips have diverse colors and shapes. It is not so common in Brazil for not adapting well to the climate of the country.


This tulip is making me sneeze . ” This tulip is making me sneeze.”

Violet – violet

Violets may be the most popular flowers in Brazil. Who never gave a vase with some of this?


I dropped my violet yesterday, but everything is okay with it. ” I dropped my violet yesterday, but it’s okay with it.

Carnation – Carnation

The carnation is the flower that is born from the carnation. The characteristics vary widely among their different species and have odors widely used by perfume manufacturers.


Red carnations are the best flowers! – Red carnations are the best flowers!

Camellia – camellia

Camellias have colors ranging from white to red. Its style is simple and delicate, and its petals can have different formats.


I bought a bunch of camellias today! – I bought a bunch of camellias today!

Azalea – Azalea

Azaleas are a fairly diverse group of flowers. There are about 10,000 species that fit into this plant genus.


Azaleas are my favorite flowers. ” Azaleas are my favorite flowers.

Do you think there was any flower on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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