Flores an application to give flowers from the phone

Sometimes you do not have time or forget to buy a gift to a friend or family member. If this is your case, the option of using Floresfrescas.com should be valued, since it makes it possible to buy a product online, especially flowers, so that it does not go badly to anyone because of forgetfulness.

Simplicity is the predominant note in the use of this PGP Blackberry application, since the user interface uses the structure of the current ones and, in addition, most of the sections are represented with large and very representative images . For example, if what you want to buy is a bouquet of roses, it is a photograph of what you should look for. In short, there is no loss when looking for a gift.

By the way, it is important to indicate that with regard to flowers we expected to find a greater variety available, something that we hope will be improved in the future (even this is so on the website of the store). Of course, the possibilities are enough to get out of a “haste”, so the application fulfills the function expected of Floresfrescas.com without problems.

What is very attractive about this store is the possibility of subscribing to a weekly shipment of a bouquet of flowers for the amount of € 19. This subscription service to Floresfrescas.com is a novelty that we have not seen in many places and that can be an answer for those who like to use flowers as a regular gift.

In addition, the cost is not very high. A very interesting detail offered by this service is that the shipping costs are free when making a purchase and that it is possible to buy single or double branches in all the options that are in the store (in relation to roses, there is even possibility of choose the number you want to include, with a minimum of 12).

A comfortable and uncomplicated shopping process

As it can not be otherwise in the present, making a purchase is something very simple. Once the corresponding branch has been chosen -by the way, if the title of the product is of two lines we check that sometimes the text is out of order- the Buy button is pressed in orange and the process begins, which has more steps than can be done. wait due to the possibility of adding different options.

The first thing that can be established in Floresfrescas.com is if you want to include a personalized message in the form of a gift card (there are different options). Once this is done you can give more volume to the bouquet with the inclusion of finishes in tulle or leaves as the Aspidistra. As if this were not enough, in a later step you can add additional accessories in the gift such as stuffed animals, vases, books, chocolates and champagne. Finally, the summary of the selected item appears with the global cost and the option to make the payment (for which a user account is used that already has or is registered).

It should be noted that the application includes some important sections that are interesting and that are very helpful. The first is an explanation of how the shipments are made , where you can see from the box that will be used to the paper that surrounds it. Apart, there are certain explanations of how the flowers are selected, what is important the truth.

Finally, there is a section of Frequently Asked Questions   in which you can find out from the distribution areas of Floresfrescas.com even if the purchased branch does not arrive correctly. You can even see the hours offered by the online store to proceed with the deals. This is one of the most useful sections in terms of having operating information.

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