About Us

Saint Dorothy is the patron saint of gardeners and florists.  Her confraternity was created in 1664 in Brussels.  So 2015 will be the 350th anniversary of this organisation, a pioneer in horticultural circles in our flat country.  This anniversary affords an ideal opportunity to showcase the horticultural and floricultural splendour of Brussels – not very well known nowadays – past, present and future.  This message is intended as much for the general public as for the authorities.

The non-profit association ANNEE DE FLORE asbl [Year of Flora] was set up at the initiative of the “Société Royale Linnéenne et de Flore de Bruxelles” [Brussels Royal Horticultural Society] for that purpose.  From the spring of 2014 to the spring of 2015, it will organise a certain number of events relating to parks and gardens: a photography exhibition in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert from March to May 2014, discovery walks in the Brussels-Capital Region as of May 2014, and an exhibition in the Halles Saint-Géry from December 2014 to March 2015.  Moreover, the non-profit association ANNEE DE FLORE asbl is going to promote every initiative in favour of parks and gardens in Brussels

Once upon a time, there was the Capital of a brand new and very small country that dreamed of becoming a big garden.  And it did.


Belgium had scarcely come into being when it became one of the world leaders in the art of gardens.

Under the reign of Leopold I, Brussels emerged as one of the capitals of international horticulture.

Later, under the reign of Leopold II, it became the big garden it was dreaming of being.


Brussels is no longer a horticultural city today, but it is heir to a fabulous green heritage that is the envy of many European capitals.  Under the impetus of monarchs and leaders who were passionate about plants, and thanks to the expertise of talented creators of gardens, botanists and horticulturalists, the Capital of Europe remains a very green city.


Flowers in the heart of the city.


The nerve centre of a network of indoor and outdoor events to be held in 2014 and 2015 is in the very heart of the Capital, a few steps from the Market Square.

The non-profit association ANNEE DE FLORE ASBL will take temporary residence in the Halles St-Géry and the Galeries Royales St-Hubert, placed under the patronage of the goddess Flora from the outset, where the main reception centre for the events will be located. By choosing such an emblematic venue, it will show its allegiance to the dynamism of one of the former presidents of the Galeries Royales: Léon Grosjean (1846-1922).



The most cherished desire of the organisers is to leaf through the albums of memories with the young generations and to pass on their love for the parks and gardens of Brussels.